Meet the Artist | Tom Abbiss Smith




Talking inspiration and creative advice in this quick catch up with one of our artists
Tom Abbiss Smith.



- Hi Tom! How’s it going?
- Hey Guys. Pretty good thank you!

- How long have you been creating?
- I've been creating abstract artworks for about 3 years now, I really got into art at the start of college, however, had been surrounded by art and encouraged to create from a young age.

- Ah cool and what was your first ever artwork?
I can imagine a weird looking animal from my childhood sketchbook, I recently discovered one with a funny penguin, giraffe and bear in there, I think I like them more than my work now haha.

- How about your most recent artwork?
- My most recent piece was 'Oleander' which was inspired by my visit to the Urban Jungle, Norfolk which had an amazing selection of plants to admire

- If not your current career path, what would you do instead?
- Try and make instrumental hip-hop or gardening, I feel like those are both creative things to do still!

- What's your advice for those who are decorating their homes with your artworks.
- I think it's quite nice to display pieces with similar shapes or colour schemes together.

- And an advice for our starting artists?
- Do what you love to do or that feels most natural, not what might seem popular or be trending.
I think you're most likely to make the most successful pieces this way as your heart is fully in it.


ToM's Favourite Films

  • Talented Mr. Ripley. Anthony Minghella, 1999

  • Atlantis. Luc Besson, 1991

  • Ponyo. Hayao Miyazaki, 2008

  • Style Wars. Tony Silver, 1983

  • The Cat Returns. Hiroyuki Morita, 2002

Favourite Artists

  • Kristin Berg Johnsen

  • Palefroi

  • Antti Kekki

  • Sarah Fennell

  • Henri Matisse

Favourite Tracks


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